In 2016, two campaigns “Clean in One Day”– in KRI governorates and Missan – engaged ca. 26 000 people in joint voluntary action to collect illegally disposed waste, resulting in 3000 t waste collected. The campaigns aimed to build public engagement for environmental protection. The main message of both campaigns was that pollution prevention and environmental protection are a joint responsibility.

LADP implemented the two pilots as an innovative approach to public service provision that may be beyond the priority or current financial and technical capacity of Local Authorities. The campaigns offer a mechanism to improve public service delivery through community engagement and to strengthen the role of CSOs – as leaders of community mobilisation and as partners of Local Authorities in the implementation of service provision.

  • “Clean Kurdistan in One Day” (15 June 2016) was organised in cooperation between Clean Organisation Environment Friends (CSO), the KRG Ministry of Municipality and Tourism and the KRI Governorates. COEF reached out to and coordinated the work of NGOs, community groups and citizens; interfaced with media; and organised the rather complex logistics. In result, the campaign mobilised more than 16 000 volunteers, 102 NGOs and ca. 25 media channels in pro bono support. Cleaning activities were conducted in 22 touristic locations in Erbil, Suleimaniah, Dohuk and Halabja; and more than 2500 t of waste were collected and transported.
  • “Clean Missan in One Day” (22 Dec 2016) was organised in cooperation between Ana Missan for Human Rights (CSO) and Missan Governorate under the slogan “Let’s make Missan beautiful in one day.” It organised more than 10 000 volunteers from universities, high schools, NGOs, community leaders and local government. It resulted in 500 t of waste collected, 4000 m of rainwater sewers cleaned, more than 2000 m of sidewalks and the outside walls of 7 schools and a health clinic painted. This campaign also included greening and tree plantation activities, and a series of awareness-raising lectures held over a week at schools, mosques, community and youth sport centres.
  • In both campaigns, Governors, members of local government and citizens worked side-by-side to achieve a shared objective. This was widely reported and shared on social media, including by participants. Online and offline activities to promote the campaigns and their results triggered huge media interest, and raised awareness among thousands beyond the volunteers. In both campaigns, the voluntary work and collective engagement inspired participants – particularly youth – to appreciate the amount of work required and to commit to further related action.
  • The Programme support for coordination between CSOs and Local Authorities in the implementation of these campaigns has increased the capacity of both to engage with each other toward effective and collaborative implementation.

Lessons learnt from the pilots can be used to inform the wider service delivery planning process. The replication potential is great with regard to CSO-Authorities coordination – while the tangible results have been remarkable. “Clean in One Day” could become a national-level initiative, supported also by the private sector and key institutions in Iraq.