With LADP support, student innovation competition took place as part of the PDS launch events in Dohuk (28 May 2016, Dohuk). University and College students in engineering and architecture presented 37 innovation projects with application in community services. The projects were presented to an audience including the Governor of Dohuk, representatives of local government, international organisations, diplomats and citizens.

The projects were evaluated on the basis of pre-defined criteria by jury involving representatives of the Governorate, UNDP, Universities and the International Association of Innovation Professionals. Three projects were awarded: (1) advanced hearing aid device; (2) smart learning device, which converts science books for children into photos and audio material, making science more fun and attractive; and (3) application software that supports counter-terrorism.

The competition was organised to raise awareness of human resources development as PDS priority and a pillar of multi-sector economy. It has served to promote awareness of youth as valuable contributors to the local development process and to initiate cooperation among stakeholders to engage the potential of youth for innovation. In effect, in 2017 the Innovation Expo of Dohuk Universities took place.