Post-ISIS, rebuilding and reconstruction requirements in affected Governorates are dramatic, while funding is limited and dependent on international donors. The effective channelling of available funding and further fundraising efforts both require improved data on reconstruction needs and improved capacity to prioritise needs. In this context LADP supported the development of pilot Online Damage Assessment System to support the reconstruction of Mosul and Nineveh Governorate.

The System is a web-based interactive platform for data collection and reporting, designed to provide accurate data/information and damage assessment of all essential infrastructure per sector:

  • Information gathering is done by Governorate engineer teams going on site visits, using online reporting system (tablet/mini-server/cloud-data base). On site, the teams register the site coordinates; they fill out predefined survey forms agreed with the relevant Departments (Wastewater, Education, Electricity, etc.); and they upload data in various formats (picture, video, text, numeric data, etc.). Data are assigned infrastructure tags;
  • Damage assessment, compiling the input in database, classification and publishing via the website is entirely automated and happens in real time. Dynamic Charts and Reports functionality allow real-time visualisation of data to support analyses, timely decision-making and prioritisation of work/investment;
  • Access to results (data, damages and needs) is public via website in English and Arabic.

The tool will support Local Authorities to identify and prioritise reconstruction needs, to monitor the progress of reconstruction, and to attract, coordinate and prioritise donor support. It will support government agencies, NGOs and international agencies/donors and citizens to track damages to infrastructure in Nineveh and to identify ways to contribute to the reconstruction process. Finally, it will strengthen transparency and accountability on all sides of the equation, while improving the conditions for people in Nineveh.

The System has been launched post LADP. Inter alia, the tool will support Nineveh Governorate in the implementation of its PRP. The tool can be replicated in other Governorates, as well as scaled up to cover even more sectors.