May 9th 2017 marked the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome which laid the foundations for the European Union we know today and the longest period of peace and stability in Europe's written history. On this occasion the EU Delegation to Iraq and LADP hosted the high-level Europe Day event (09 May 2017, Erbil) which aimed to recognise and inspire the values of peace, diversity, inclusion and collaboration, and to celebrate the collaboration and cooperation between the EU and Iraq.

The event gathered 450 guests and visitors in Sami Abdul Rahman Park in Erbil, including representatives of diplomatic missions, government institutions, international organisations, and it prominently involved children and youth – through dancing and singing performances and drawing activity on the topic "What is Europe.” Syrian refugee children from Reza Visual Academy participated as special guests, along with the exhibition “Exile Voices: Camp Reporters.” The Head of EU Liaison Office in Erbil, the KRG Spokesperson and representative of Reza Academy delivered speeches. Two cakes with EU and KRG flags were cut, and 1000 dark blue and yellow balloons were ceremonially released in the air. The event was closed with all guests lighting candles, accompanied by the EU anthem and fireworks.

In 2018, LADP supported the organisation of Europe Day in Erbil for the second time, building on the success of involving youth even further. Apart from live activities, online competitions for Europe Day through the SEAP Facebook page served to promote the EU values among young people across Iraq.