LADP has worked to advance a resilience-based approach to empowering local women. To support Local and National Authorities to adopt more structural and strategic approach to gender equality, LADP/UNDP together with UN-Women organised introductory high-level workshop on Gender Sensitive Budgeting (24–26 Aug 2015, Erbil) aimed to enhance the capacity of Authorities to implement gender-sensitive budgeting and planning processes in local governance.

The Workshop involved 103 participants (56% female) from all 18 Governorates of Iraq – including representatives of Governorate Administrations, Technical Directorates, and the Ministries of Planning of GoI and KRG. A three-stage approach to gender-sensitive budgeting was presented and discussed: (1) gender-based assessment of budgets, (2) restructuring of revenues and expenditures based on gender analysis so as to promote gender equality, and (3) mainstreaming of gender as a category of analysis in the budgetary process. The application of gender-sensitive indicators and gender-disaggregated data in planning processes was also discussed. Participants were also introduced to international experiences. As a step toward strategic framework to improve the gender equality environment, ca. 70 experts and representatives of multiple sectors from different Governorates across Iraq endorsed a Plan of Action on gender equality, including recommendations and an assessment mechanism.

Developing capacities in gender-sensitive budgeting has been a pivotal way to mainstream gender equality past Programme completion. Application of gender-sensitive indicators and gender-classified data are to contribute to increased women’s participation in executive decision-making at the local level, improved access of women to public services, and integrated gender perspective in the local planning process.

The activity supported the establishment of Women’s’ Affairs Offices and elaboration of PDS/PRP under LADP.