Recognising the need for a stronger HR management in local administrations so that they successfully deal with challenges linked to institutional and financial decentralisation, LADP supported Dohuk Governorate to establish Human Resources Management System. Dohuk Governorate has 750+ staff; its PDS (2016–2018) identifies HR development as a strategic goal and a pillar of public services and the development of multi-sector economy. The practical HRM system presents a tool to improve the capacity of local administrations to manage and develop their staff, while it also brings significant added value in terms of improved communication, accountability, transparency, productivity and effectiveness in local administrations.

The process was completed in close work with the stakeholders, including the Governor’s Office, Customs Department, Statistics Office, HR staff and IT Department. The new HR database was developed and installed based on assessment of identified gaps and needs in line with the Organisational Structure and the employees’ job descriptions at the Governorate. To develop effective Governorate-wide HR function  (including staffing assessments, performance evaluations, management of employee relations, training and development programmes, etc.), HR functions were prepared for the 17 organisational units in the Governorate, as well as 84 job descriptions. Based on proposal by the Governorate approved by higher authorities, the new HR Department was developed, established and trained.

Throughout this process, a series of trainings were delivered for staff/HR staff, line managers and the Deputy Governor – on HR Database use, HR core concepts, the role of HR Department, leadership, etc. Manuals were prepared for HR staff to support capacity building past project completion. An additional workshop for working women (from the private and public sectors, CSOs and media) raised awareness of the new HR Department – particularly as a mechanism to empower women in the workplace.

The HRM System is fully operational. It has potential to be multiplied and included in an overall HR strategic plan for KRG Governorates.