LADP supported Diyala, Muthanna and Wassit Governorates to develop Governorate Industrial Spatial Development Visions – including to assess the local comparative advantages for industry development and to identify opportunities to promote strategic industrial sectors – as a pilot towards the development of an approach to local industrial development that can be replicated in other governorates of Iraq.

The participatory process involved closely the Governorates, the Ministry of Planning and Planning Directorates, the Ministries of Municipalities and Industries and Mining, Chambers of Industry and Trade, and Investment Commissions. With support from the LADP/UN-Habitat team, the counterparts completed data gathering and mapping; they assessed the spatial potentials and obstacles for industrial development (e.g. available infrastructure, presence of natural resources, qualified labour force, and proximity of vocational training institutions); they identified the local comparative advantages for industry development; they undertook Visioning exercise and they developed Vision Implementation Strategies with focus on how to encourage investments for identified sectors. Based on this work, the Team developed Suitability Maps for selected industrial sectors in each governorate.

The Industrial Spatial Development Vision documents identify in each of the three governorates the location of industrial zones and specialised industrial areas for petro-chemicals, agro-industries, etc., and proposed development of integrated industrial clusters – including opportunities to promote particular industries (ICT, Hi-Tech) as incubators of innovation, associated with specialised training and educational facilities. The Vision documents align with the elaborated NUS and GUS.