In 2016, LADP supported 40 disadvantaged women and youth, including persons with disabilities, to display their talents and products at the traditional Kreka’an Bazar in Basra (19–21 June 2016). The activity offers a simple but highly effective mechanism to promote tolerance and inclusion in communities and to build the capacity of vulnerable groups to participate more fully in society and in the local development process.

The Programme provided market access to people with no experience in marketing their products/talents, no financial means to access markets (e.g. to pay for travel). At the bazar, the participants (80% women) interfaced with thousands of people from the area of Basra – including representatives of companies, NGOs, organisations and media outlets, and over 7500 families who visited the event. By the end of the event, the participants had sold 90% of their products. They also made contacts with potential clients and investors to increase their future income opportunities. Not least, alongside other bazar participants and visitors, they engaged in a range of cultural and artistic activities.