LADP supported the development of Provincial Development Strategies by the KRI and Southern cluster of Iraqi governorates. The PDS set the framework for immediate and mid-term actions to be taken by each Governorate with support from national authorities, international donors and investors to advance economic development – i.e. more and better jobs and enabling environment for private investments and entrepreneurship. They also include soft projects to improve the economic and social environment. The PDS will also serve international organisations and investors to get basic knowledge of each governorate and the immediate plans of the Local Authorities.

PDS preparation was led by Steering Committees, Technical Committees and Working Groups established at the local level, using participatory multi-stakeholder approach.

  • The development of PDS in Dohuk, Erbil and Suleimaniah involved baseline assessment and analysis by thematic areas (economic and financial planning, spatial planning, HR, administrative planning, investment planning, and service delivery improvement); development of possible interventions in response to the identified strategic objectives; and development of a future process for M&E of results. Draft PDS for the period 2016–2018 were finalised in Aug–Oct 2015. The final PDS were adopted and launched with major public events – with activities translating the PDS priorities into practice.
  • The development of PDS in Basra, Missan, Muthanna and Diwaniah advanced using CBSP methodology and capacity-building model of mentoring/coaching and learning-by-doing, including a number of structured workshops between Aug 2016 and May 2017. The PCS and TC went through all steps of the process in formulating the priority areas and vision for each Governorate; the WG developed the needs assessments and SWOT analyses of the sectors. Baseline Studies were finalised in early 2017; at this point the WG started work on Action Plans to address the identified critical strategic issues. All 4 Governorates completed integrated multi-sectoral analysis in all priority sectors based on the analytical tools presented to them during CBSP trainings. With support from the LADP/UNDP team, Basra, Missan and Muthanna completed their PDS within the Programme period. The PDS for Diwaniah was not finalised due to problems beyond the control of LADP – but Governorate staff were provided with capacity building sufficient to finalise their PDS on their own by end-2018.

Each PDS includes a set of strategic objectives; a set of priority areas for development; and a number of proposed projects in each priority area. There is an attempt that proposed projects balance between infrastructure, socio-economic impact and institution building of the Governorate administrations. This allows the implementation to start immediately and adequately.

Notably, all PDS (as well as PRP) developed under LADP have a pronounced focus on the environment and sustainable resource management as a basis for inclusive long-term socio-economic development. This has been reflected in the official events for launch of PSD in KRI Governorates.

The PDS have directly informed the new NDP 2018-2022 of Iraq.