In 2016, LADP supported the KRI Governorates to announce their approved strategic plans for 2016-2018 with major public events. The PDS launch events involved all stakeholders – local government, KRG officials, diplomats, international organisations, NGOs, business, universities and citizens – in joint activities that reflected selected PDS priorities. They communicated that with immediate and joint action, the PDS would not remain only on paper but lead to tangible results. The events prominently involved youth as organisers or participants; and they all triggered huge media response – reaching out to numerous audience across KRI. The PDS launch events provide a mechanism to inform the public of local government priorities, to build local ownership of plans within administrations and local communities, and to mobilise support for realisation of the plans.

  • Suleimaniah launched its PDS under the slogan “Plant the plan by planting a tree” – to promote sustainable environment and resource management as cross-cutting PDS priority. Ca. 800 event participants engaged in tree plantation (19 Nov 2016, Goizha Mountain) to address the problem of deforestation. In addition, the Governorate hosted a conference with 100 participants under the slogan “Water is Sustainability and Peace” (20 Jan 2016), which engaged stakeholders toward coordinated response to water challenges. Both events were organised together with COEF.
  • Dohuk Governorate launched its PDS with a 3-day event under the slogan “Made in Dohuk” (27–29 May 2016). This showcased the local wealth in people, traditions and innovation potential, while channelling several PDS priorities: multi-sector economy, geographical location, investment environment, human resources. The event included cultural exhibition, student innovation competition, the exhibition “Exile Voices,” and video on the launch of tree plantation near Swaratuka Mountain. The event was organised with Norel CSO.
  • Erbil promoted the PDS priorities tolerance, diversity and resilience with a breath-taking audio-visual performance “Erbil – Capital of Tolerance and Diversity” at the historic Citadel (20 Apr 2016). The show of light and sound represented the milestones in Erbil’s history. The ceremony was presided over by H.E. Prime Minister of KRG. Thousands of people gathered in front of the Citadel to watch the show; through live TV broadcast, the event inspired thousands more across KRI.