As part of the SEAP campaign in KRI and together with KRI Governorates, in 2017 LADP launched three educational children’s playgrounds in Suleimaniah, Dohuk and Erbil. This behavioural change pilot serves to increase environmental awareness and to promote a culture of sustainable energy consumption. It offers an instrument to engage communities in local government efforts to advance green economic growth. The playgrounds engage children as ‘agents of change’ – so that their knowledge and voice may influence consumption patterns and policy-making for sustainable development in the future.

The “Sunshine Energy Club” playgrounds are energy generating and self-sustainable. The innovative design and game units illustrate alternative energy production and renewable resource use. Children learn how to protect the environment, while having fun and staying active and healthy. For example, children experience how by swinging on the games they produce kinetic energy which gets converted into to electricity – which in turn makes the water of the fountain dance and the benches lighten up. Messages on the climbing wall and hopscotch game communicate to children that earth is sick and they can be part of healing process by applying simple tips. Scanning the barcode on the visibility billboard plays the cartoon "Energy – let’s save it" of the EU Climate Change Campaign, which includes simple tips to save energy in the house.