All PDS developed under LADP recognise environmental protection and sustainable resource management as a basis for inclusive long-term socio-economic development. To demonstrate the commitment of Local Authorities to addressing the problem of deforestation in specific, LADP supported Suleimaniah and Dohuk Governorates to carry out tree plantation campaigns to bring their PDS into immediate action, and to support their efforts in climate action. The campaigns offer an instrument to raise environmental awareness and to mobilise community support for the realisation of local development objectives.

  • In Suleimaniah, tree plantation was the main activity to mark the official launch of PDS (19 Nov 2015). Under the slogan “Plant the plan by planting a tree,” 800 event participants – including the Governor of Suleimaniah, Administration staff, universities, citizens, youth and NGOs – planted inaugural 500 pine trees in Goizha Mountain. The activity “Greening Part of Goizha Mountain” continued with cascade-planting to a total of 50 000 pine trees by end-2017.
  • In Dohuk, tree plantation took place under the slogan “Clean Environment and Fruitful Planting” in two phases. In phase 1 (Apr–May 2016), 1000 pine trees were planted along the roadsides of Swaratuka Mountain – including 150 trees planted in a ceremony (04 May 2016) to mark the launch of PDS, including the Governor of Dohuk, local officials and international community representatives. In phase 2 (Nov 2016), 1000 olive trees were planted in Shexan District.

Tree plantation activities in KRI involved environmental and women CSOs as organisers and mobilisers of wide community involvement, with particular accent on youth volunteers. They created huge media attention and awareness on the adopted PDS and issues related to deforestation. Awareness was raised inter alia through personalised adoption of trees, which was widely shared in social media by the participants.

The young forests will be sustained through follow up by the Governorates to serve as a catalyst for the preservation of green areas and greening of the region.

Additional planting of 1500 trees took place in Missan as part of the campaign “Clean Missan in One Day.”