LADP organised the Innovation Expo of Dohuk Universities (6–7 May 2017) to encourage youth creativity and to promote the participation of youth in local development. The Expo took place under the auspices of the Governor of Dohuk. Students from five Universities – University of Dohuk, University of Sakho, Dohuk Polytechnic University, Nowruz University, and Chan University of Dohuk – presented 75 projects for innovation in the areas of education, e-governance, renewable energy and recycling, with focus on science and technology.

The Expo served to share the student innovations with over 200 visitors from the governorate and beyond – including businesses, local and regional authorities, and the public. To participants, it provided opportunity to acquire new knowledge, build peer networks and link to potential partners.

The Expo provides an innovative mechanism to increase the capacity of Local Authorities to improve and modernise service provision by engaging students/universities to identify new solutions. Lessons learnt from the pilot can inform the wider service delivery planning process.